RALLY UPDATES: 09/25/2019

Whew!! We are really trying to hammer this all out this week, so again we thank you for your patience. Finally got the schedules finalized and you can click here to see them. You will have these in your welcome packets and they will be available at the Information booth during the Rally.

Next we are moving onto site assignment and hoping to have those emails out to you by this coming weekend. If you are planning to go earlier than Thursday or staying longer than Sunday, those extra nights MUST be arranged through Golden Village Palms directly. Once you get your site assignment, you can call them and arrange if possible early arrivals/late departures.

Again we thank you for your patience and ask that if you or you know anyone interested in helping with the Rally next year, please have them email us at californiaelksrallysecretary@gmail.com. WE NEED YOU IN ORDER TO KEEP THE RALLY GOING!!

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