Rally Updates

We will continue to send out posts so that all updated information gets out to everyone following our site.

  1. Let’s Rally with style this year and decorate our rigs/sites Americana for the weekend. Won’t be a contest, but was suggested and agreed that it would be a great time to show those wonderful Red, White and Blue colors. So decorate your rig, site, car, cart, bikes in style and let’s have some fun!
  2. If you registered to stay at a Hotel nearby, we ask that you please send in a registration form and prepay for any meals you would like to have, so we can have a better headcount for food. This will also give your home Lodge ‘credit’ for your attendance.
  3. If you registered online we are asking that you please pick up your packet at the Information booth that will have your tickets in it. We acknowledge that Eventbrite allows you to print those tickets out (one per page) and it will be much easier on all the Volunteers cooking/serving up the meals, if we all had the same tickets.
  4. Friday, Saturday breakfasts will be served from 8a-10a. Sunday breakfast will be served 7a-9a and we will start collecting those checks made payable to “CHEMPI” (remember NO CASH) and closing ceremonies at 9a in the main Clubhouse and it will be open seating.
  5. Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinners will all be served from 5p-7p in the main Clubhouse and it will be open seating.
  6. Check-in time of the resort is 1p and Check-out time is 12p.
  7. We do not yet have the sites from the resort and likely not until the first week of October. Once we obtain those, we will email the assignments out to the Wagonmaster of each group or directly to those not camping with a group. Rally Wagonmaster will send a ‘group’ of sites to each group’s Wagonmaster to then assign to the individuals within your group.
  8. All prizes/winnings that are not claimed by 9p on Saturday night will be forfeited. Please make sure you check the daily schedules which will be available at the Information Booth, Rally Table in the Vendor Room, Posted by stage area in the Clubhouse. This year we will also be introducing our very own QR code that will be on the program brochure that you can scan on your Smart Phone and it will take you to the most current Rally schedules.

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