History of the Rally

Unfortunately, we have had to come to the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Elks Rally in Hemet due to COVID-19. As most of you know, this Rally donates upward of $30,000 to CHEMPI every year, so this will be another hard hit for our kids. Since the Rally is a significant contributor to CHEMPI, we are encouraging each of us to support any efforts your lodges make to raise money for CHEMPI. We hope that we will see you all again in 2021 and wish you all good health during these tough times.Once we have dates confirmed they will be posted on all our Social Media sites and this Website. Thank you for your patience.

The “California Elks Camper Rally” started in 1968 as the “Southern California Elks Camper Rally.”  The goals of this Rally are for campers and friends to gather together for a weekend of food, fun, games, contests and camaraderie; with the final objective of raising money for the California – Hawaii Elks Association Major Project, i.e. the Purple Pig.

The interest and participation in the Rally has increased tremendously over the years and we arrived at a point where it was believed that the name “Southern California Elks Camper Rally” no longer reflected this progress.  In 1998, a name change to the “California Elks Camper Rally” was made to better reflect our growth and the statewide participation we enjoy.  At the present time we have participation not only from the Lodges in the State of California but also from beyond its borders.