Great news! We’re in the process of firming up dates, events and entertainment for the 2021 Rally! We hope to confirm the dates this week. Unfortunately there was a schedule conflict for the weekend of Oct 7-10th so we are waiting on confirmation for the dates of October 14-17th. The location will remain the same as last year – Golden Village Palms in Hemet. As soon as we have the dates and rates we’ll get them posted up for you! Thank you for your patience and continued support! This is going to be another fun year and we have some new events lined up that should make for a great weekend!


We have now on the books for one of our fun events for each LODGE as a GROUP to do a decorating contest of your camping area (as a group). The them will be Purple Pig! More details to follow; but if you are attending the Rally get with your group and get your site(s) decorated for the upcoming fun competition!


Well Rally time is over, but the work is not. While we try and wrap things up and get everything outstanding paid and finalized for this year’s Rally, we can only give you and estimate of about $34,000 raised this year. We definitely beat last year, but again have some last minute expenses that have to be turned in, tally it all up and then get it into the bank for FINAL numbers.

Thank you to Jack and Cher Lintz, Chuck Vollrath, Eileen Rasmussen, Stan and Darlene Vastine for your year’s of service on our corp of “Purple Shirts” and for all you have done for the rally. We hope we can see you all next year as attendants, even though you have moved on from your Rally Officer positions. Again, thank you for your year’s of service.

Welcome to our new Rally Chairman, Chip Durham who has a great corp of Officers coming up next year for our 52nd Annual Elks Rally and they have already got some great ideas going.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to all the Purple Shirts that worked so hard again this year and are coming back next year for 2020. This is always a team effort and it’s a great team to be part of. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Special thank you to Pat and Cynthia Riley for all the Rally printing! It always look so great.

Thank you to each and every Lodge that attended and that held events, served food and more. WE LITERALLY COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU ALL.

Congratulations to Clovis Lodge for winning the Sunday drawing of the bar credit totaling about $4775 that will be sent in to CHEA for their Citation. This was new this year and we drew a lodge name on Sunday to share the credit, since it’s a group effort at that bar!

If we have forgotten anything, please our apologies in advance. We will be sending off all final information to CHEMPI in the next few weeks so that each Lodge gets their special citation next year.


Go ahead and mark your Calendars now for Oct 8,9,10 and 11, 2020 for our 52nd Annual Elks Rally!! See you all next year!

Rally Sites Assignments Are Done

The Rally assignments are going out as of early yesterday (Sunday) to all Wagonmasters of each Lodge. The site numbers will then be assigned to members in your group by YOUR LODGE Wagonmaster. If you need to know what site number you are in, please reach out to YOUR LODGE Wagonmaster or person organizing your group for the Rally. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your patience. If there are any site issues when you get to the Resort, please make sure you reach out to YOUR LODGE Wagonmaster first. The staff at the resort will not be able to help.

RALLY UPDATES: 09/25/2019

Whew!! We are really trying to hammer this all out this week, so again we thank you for your patience. Finally got the schedules finalized and you can click here to see them. You will have these in your welcome packets and they will be available at the Information booth during the Rally.

Next we are moving onto site assignment and hoping to have those emails out to you by this coming weekend. If you are planning to go earlier than Thursday or staying longer than Sunday, those extra nights MUST be arranged through Golden Village Palms directly. Once you get your site assignment, you can call them and arrange if possible early arrivals/late departures.

Again we thank you for your patience and ask that if you or you know anyone interested in helping with the Rally next year, please have them email us at californiaelksrallysecretary@gmail.com. WE NEED YOU IN ORDER TO KEEP THE RALLY GOING!!

Rally Site Assignment

WOW and Happy Rally to all!! We have received an overwhelming amount of emails and just can’t seem to get caught up on them, so hoping this announcement will help fill in some questions and inquiries on Rally camp site assignments. We just closed the registration one week ago, our key player that Golden Village Palms quit and we are working with someone new at the resort. We are awaiting the resort map and site assignments from their office and as soon as we get them, we then need time to assign and place all the campers of the Rally. So please be patient and know that we are working on it and will get the site numbers to the Wagonmaster of each Lodge ASAP! Thank you in advance for your patience.


As you all know, this annual Elks Rally is a pretty big event for all Lodges and we would like to once again welcome those that can and are willing to make donations for the bar supplies. You can send in your checks to Hemet Lodge at P.O. Box  596, Hemet, CA. 92546 ATTN: Elks Rally Liquor Chairman, Leonard Hirn. ALL CHECKS TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO: CHEMPI

We all thank you greatly in advanced for your continued support of this Rally. ***UPDATED THE MAILING ADDRESS*** 08/29/2019