California Elks Rally Site Assignments – COMPLETED AND SENT OUT

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday ~

It is almost Rally time!! All the site assignments have been emailed out and I am hoping all have received. If you have not, please get in touch with your group’s Wagonmaster and if you are not with a group, please email the Rally Wagonmaster at

We have over 200 rigs this year and pushing right at the number we had in 2019! VERY EXCITING!!

The schedules are also posted to the site, so take a look at all the fun we have planned.

Site Assignments Coming

The site assignments are currently being worked on and we are hoping to have them out to all the group Wagonmaster’s by tomorrow afternoon.  If you are not camping with a group you will be sent an individual email of your site assignment.

If you are with a group your Wagonmaster is your “Point” person for all Rally/Resort concerns.


Please note that the resort has asked us to stick to the times above.  There will be no early check ins or late check outs.  The resort has a large group in before of us and a large group coming in after us, so these times must be adhered to. 


Please send any questions or concerns to us at

Rally Important Reminders

Today the prices increased for the Rally registration and meals. The mailbox of incoming registrations is empty and we start anew.

Resort Check-in time is 1pm for ALL arrivals and the resort has asked we take note of this and please stick to this time. They do have a large group checking out right before us and sites will not be available any earlier than 1pm.

Resort Check-out time is 12pm for ALL departures and the resort has asked we take note of this and please stick to this time. They do have a large group checking in right after us and sites will need to be vacated no later than 12pm.

Resort sites have not yet been received and we will get those out as soon as we get them and then get the groups assigned to their area. For group camping, your Wagonmaster will get all the sites and then assign the sites within their own group. Those not camping with a group will receive your specific site number from the Rally Wagonmaster via email.

All those that registered online, please make sure you stop at the Information Booth and pick up your packet. The booth is open both Thursday and Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Rally Updates

We will continue to send out posts so that all updated information gets out to everyone following our site.

  1. Let’s Rally with style this year and decorate our rigs/sites Americana for the weekend. Won’t be a contest, but was suggested and agreed that it would be a great time to show those wonderful Red, White and Blue colors. So decorate your rig, site, car, cart, bikes in style and let’s have some fun!
  2. If you registered to stay at a Hotel nearby, we ask that you please send in a registration form and prepay for any meals you would like to have, so we can have a better headcount for food. This will also give your home Lodge ‘credit’ for your attendance.
  3. If you registered online we are asking that you please pick up your packet at the Information booth that will have your tickets in it. We acknowledge that Eventbrite allows you to print those tickets out (one per page) and it will be much easier on all the Volunteers cooking/serving up the meals, if we all had the same tickets.
  4. Friday, Saturday breakfasts will be served from 8a-10a. Sunday breakfast will be served 7a-9a and we will start collecting those checks made payable to “CHEMPI” (remember NO CASH) and closing ceremonies at 9a in the main Clubhouse and it will be open seating.
  5. Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinners will all be served from 5p-7p in the main Clubhouse and it will be open seating.
  6. Check-in time of the resort is 1p and Check-out time is 12p.
  7. We do not yet have the sites from the resort and likely not until the first week of October. Once we obtain those, we will email the assignments out to the Wagonmaster of each group or directly to those not camping with a group. Rally Wagonmaster will send a ‘group’ of sites to each group’s Wagonmaster to then assign to the individuals within your group.
  8. All prizes/winnings that are not claimed by 9p on Saturday night will be forfeited. Please make sure you check the daily schedules which will be available at the Information Booth, Rally Table in the Vendor Room, Posted by stage area in the Clubhouse. This year we will also be introducing our very own QR code that will be on the program brochure that you can scan on your Smart Phone and it will take you to the most current Rally schedules.


We are rapidly approaching Rally time and only have two weeks left, before the pricing of the event and meals goes up. If you don’t have your registration forms completed and in by 10/01/2021, you will pay additional costs. Get those forms in now.

If the Wagonmaster sends in registrations forms by mail and includes the self-addressed stamped envelope. the tickets for all those registration forms in that envelope, will be sent to the group’s Wagonmaster.

If individual registrant send in their own registration form with the stamped self-addressed envelope, the tickets for that registration form, will be sent to the individual on the self-addressed stamped envelope.

If you register online or do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your mailed in form, your tickets will be available at the Information Booth.

The Information Booth hours are Thursday 9a-4p, Friday 9a-3p and Saturday 9a-2p.

If you pre-ordered hats and/or pins, you will be on a list and able to pick those items up at the Rally from Danna Graham of the Hemet Lodge who will be all over the Rally selling Rally pins.

If you have any additional questions, please email the Rally Wagonmaster at

Event Planning Happening Now

Thank you for joining us at the Elks Rally in October.  Please share this information with everyone attending the Rally.

Lori Gracey and Leslie Fisher are the Event, Activity and Raffle chair people for this years Rally and need your help.

Our next Rally meeting is Saturday 9/18 at 11:00 AM at the Yucaipa Lodge, you are welcome to join us.

Information Booth: We will have our information booth as you drive in to the park.  We will also have an information table inside the main room with schedules and flyers for your information. 

Activities: If you are hosting an activity or event, please bring all the necessary items for your event. We have open time slots for activities, please let me know if your group can host an event.  Lori and Leslie will be be hosting a 3-day scavenger hunt with a nice prize, please join in. $5 cost to enter. Thursday all times available.  
We need a host for Poker Walk Friday 9 – 11, this is an easy game to learn. Friday 3:30 to 5:00 is open and are in need of an activity
Vendor Room:  Please support our members in the Vendor room, there will be very nice items for sale or items that will be raffled.  these members have worked hard all  year to supply their tables.

This year, we will have a Rally table in the Vendor area and need volunteers to work the table on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, one hour shifts.  Please let us know who from your group can help us attend the tables.   I will need their name and phone number.

Details for the Rally Table:

  • We will sell raffle tickets for baskets or items donated so that you do not have to attend a table throughout the event for your item.
    • Donations for raffle items are welcome. Your lodge will get Purple Pig credit for the tickets sold for your donation.  
      • Your donation will be labeled and placed on our tables with a container for tickets.  
    • If you can donate a basket or ?, please let us know so I can make the labels.
  • We will also sell Rally Pins, Caps and tickets for dinner Friday and Saturday night if you forgot to buy them on your registration form.

If you have reserved a table or two in the vendor room:

  • Your items will be at your table/s and you will sell your items and raffle tickets for your raffle prizes if you have one.  
  • You will need to bring your own raffle tickets to sell.  
  • You are responsible for attending to your table/s Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
    • Please set up your own volunteers for your tables.

All raffles (except Thursday and Friday opportunity drawing) will be called Saturday night after dinner.  We will have a board with the winning numbers near the stage.  They must be picked up by 9:00 PM Saturday night.  Thursday and Friday opportunity drawing will be held after dinner on those nights.  The weekend opportunity drawing will be drawing ticket will be called Saturday night.

As you know, the Rally is the largest Fund Raiser for the Elks Major Projects aka Purple Pig. All money received at the activates, raffles or sales MUST be turned in Sunday morning with a Lodge check or personal check.  We cannot accept cash.

If you have any questions, please find contact information for Leslie on our “Contacts Us” page.

Thank you again for attending the Rally and helping to raise money for the Purple Pig.

Sincerely, Leslie Fisher
Activities Co Chairperson



YUCAIPA ELKS LODGE12165 2nd StreetYucaipa, CA. 92399

The Lodge is normally not open on Saturday until 3p.  The bar will be open for us but unfortunately, I (Ronda) could not find any cooks to jump in and offer lunch!  You are welcome to bring a lunch or eat a late breakfast on your way.

See you all there!

Recent Updates

Hello to all that have registered for this year’s Elks Rally in Hemet. A few updates for you all below.

All self-addressed stamped envelopes with tickets for your stay and/or groups went out in the mail on Saturday 9/11/2021.

Events continue to be worked on and once our schedule gets more defined, we will have an updated daily schedule ready for you at the Rally, at the meetings left and we will do a blast post from this site and another blast email so that we hope the schedules make their way around to all.

Site assignment will not be completed until closer to the week of the Rally. We have to wait for a closer final count of rigs, then get the site assignments from the resort and break those all out into groups. Once all the sites are assigned, the California Elks Rally Wagonmaster will send out an email to each Wagonmaster or those individuals not camping with a group, to inform you of your site assignments.

Pins and Hats have been received and those that pre-purchased a pin and or hat, the California Elks Rally Wagonmaster will have your names on file at the Rally and make sure you get what you purchased.



If you sent in your Registration form(s) without sending in a self-addressed, stamped envelope for us to return your tickets when that time comes; your tickets will be held for you at the Resort and you will need to ask for the Rally Wagonmaster to get them. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR REGISTRATION FORMS IN WITH A SELF-STAMPED SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE. You can also read the section on this website for “Registration Form” for other important information on the Registration process/form. See you all at the next meeting or the Rally!